About Flourishing Tresses

Flourishing Tresses owner has always been admit about her health and wanting to gain knowledge as to how to improve her body. While going on a healthy eating journey she found herself looking up the benefits of eating almonds since this had become her new found health snack. With many hours of research she found out that not only are almonds great for your body but even better for the growth of your hair. As an African American female she struggled with her hair and unfortunately became content with having short brittle hair, until she found out that almonds help to improve the health and shine of suffering tresses. From this point on the owner of  the company began researching other foods that she could eat that would help grow her tresses and discovered an entire world of oils and herbs that can be mixed together as a topical treatment that would restore her hair back to its natural health and shine. Since knowledge is power, she began to read the labels on her favorite hair care products and found that they were filled with sulfates, petroleum’s, mineral oils and alcohols that were aiding in her drying out her short brittle hair.  Her tresses were on life support and the only way to revive them was to try using natural products that did not contain such harmful ingredients. With many trials and errors and using other companies natural products she discovered that these other products still were not working because she still had to add other oils to their products to get the results she desired. It was time to create her own hair care line that had all the oils her hair craved and thus Flourishing Tresses Natural Hair Care Line was born with the perfect formulas for shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and hair sealants. She has decided to share her hair care line with the world because she is tired of women of color and certain hair textures getting a bad rap that their hair is less appealing, untamed, unprofessional looking, and cannot grow past neck length. With this line she is helping women break down these biased hair stereotypes.

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