Black Hair Myths

The things that get said about black

So I came across this picture and thought wow are you serious?? Although this is intended for a joke many people including people of color believe that the only way to get long hair is to slap a weave in their head or put a wig on it. This picture is insulting to all of us that have healthy hair whether it be down our backs or a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro).

Have you ever had a person insult you because your hair is not the texture or length they find appealing? Have you ever had a person want to touch your hair to see if it is real, because they don’t believe that black hair grows?

Oh sideline this picture also annoyed me because it is grammatically incorrect. Instead of saying the word “simple” it should actually say “simply” but we wont just hold that ignorance against the person that made this picture, there’s so many other things to find ignorant about the picture. Share your thoughts and experiences please!

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