Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community.


Ebony.com wrote a great piece about black and biracial women in the natural hair community. For many years there has been one or two, if we're being nice, images shown of the "natural haired" women. She tends to be fair skin and have loose curls. Many other hair textures get left behind in the marketing shuffle. Vloggers and Bloggers alike have voiced their concerns and have taken issue with the lack of representation. One Vlogger named Jouelzy had a few things to get off her chest about the natural hair community and its lack of diversity...

 4c Hair Vloggers Speak Up

"... YouTube personality and vlogger on the topic of 4c type natural hair, recently lent her voice to the texture discrimination debate that has been swirling about in hair forums. In her video, Jouelzy— in no uncertain terms—points a finger at companies perpetuating the stereotype that healthy hair is shiny, springy, thick and long. She accurately points out that for women with kinky hair textures, healthy hair doesn’t have the same visual attributes that are found in looser textures. Healthy kinky hair gives off a luster that does not shine and has a propensity to be more fluffy than voluminous, as kinky hair tends to be softer in texture and less dense than other hair types.

A scan through the comments on Jouelzy’s video reveals that women are impassioned by this topic: large choruses of women answered back with “Yes!” “Preach!” and “Thank you!” There are monologues, anecdotes and rants. You’ll also notice a pattern: the responses are from women with type 4 hair."

Do you agree with this commentary? When you see natural hair you tend to only see a limited variety of hair textures. The hair community does have a tendency to love loose curly hair on light skin and light eyed women. What are some ways we can change this narrative?


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